We do one thing at Sposini Weddings, and we do it well: Day-Of-Wedding Management Services.

We do it with pride, consistency and privilege to assist our clients on the most important day of their lives. Our job is to manage the products and services you have contracted through other vendors and ensure your day transitions from ceremony, to reception, seamlessly. We’re prepared for anything to happen, so don’t worry; we promise to take care of it in the most subtle way, so you can continue to focus on each other and make memories.

The information below details all the elements to our day-of wedding management package.  This package can be customized, so call 416-523-3314 or email info@sposiniweddings.ca for our first consultation.  It's free!

  • We have completed our Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC) certification and take great pride in being apart of this community of wedding professionals.
  • This credential gives us industry knowledge and access to a network of thousands of wedding planners and coordinators across Canada to share resources, ideas and helpful tips. That means, if you have a problem or issue that we can’t solve, we’ll reach out to our colleagues for assistance, and share those resources with you.
  • This is where we learn all about the vendors you have hired for your wedding day, from the DJ services to the décor you have selected. We want to know every last detail, so come prepared to share.
  • After our first meeting you’ll feel confidant that we’ve discussed all your plans, and we are able execute them with accuracy. You’ll leave this meeting feeling assured we’re here to help.
  • This first meeting will create a to-do list of what’s left to complete before the wedding day. Couples find this extremely helpful as it makes it easier for you to focus on selected tasks and feel confidant everything is coming together.
  • The second meeting is much shorter, but just as important. Here we will finalize any changes you have made with your vendors, finalize details from your last to do list and talk about last minute decisions that have come up. Don’t worry, we’re prepared for the changes and we’ll help you through them.
  • Sounds silly, but some companies charge for this service. We believe that having a steady flow of communication with our clients in crucial in creating trust between us. This is a very special day for both of you, and you don’t want to leave things to chance. Text us, email us or let’s have a Skype date to talk it out. We’re here to listen, suggest, solve and help.
  • Can’t decide which company to use for a specific product or service? Ask us! We’ve created a list of industry contacts along the way that provide excellent products and services we would be delighted to share. We don’t take any kickbacks from any vendors, and only suggest vendors on merit, so we have nothing to gain here.
  • If we don’t know of a vendor to suggest, we will gladly do some research for you and present you with a list of up to four options to consider.
  • We will make e-contact with all your vendors early on, and introduce ourselves so they know who we are, and how to contact us on the wedding day.
  • We will prepare a detailed itinerary for most of your vendors, and once approved by you, they will be sent in advance of the wedding day for review.
  • The last thing we want you to worry about is if a vendor is following through on the product or service you’ve ordered. That’s why we keep a detailed timeline of the day’s events. It’s our job to ensure you’re wedding details comes together and you’re vision is complete.
  • This is important, as our job is not to instruct your officiant on how to do their job, but to respect their rules and guidelines for the day. This is their house, and we’re simply visiting for the moment.
  • We will take comprehensive notes and remind you of the instructions on your wedding day, so you can focus on celebrating.
  • We’ll also help to prepare your wedding party for their role and discuss any last minute details they may need to be aware of.
  • Need some gum, water, a change of shoes, or an umbrella? We’ve got you covered. Sounds cliché to have someone waiting on you all day – but trust us, you are going to love it! Especially on the most important day of your life.
  • We can’t work without one, and we won’t do it. Having an assistant is our second set of hands, ears and eyes and is crucial to keeping the timeline and schedule for the day.
  • That means you get two of us working for you, for the price of one, as our assistants are included in our service fee.
  • You can feel confident knowing all of our assistants are WPIC certified, and work to the same standard of professionalism as we do.
  • We’re all about a little DIY for your wedding day, and sometimes this means purchasing items on your own, or making something to include. While we don’t carry rods of draping or extra hydrangeas in our cars, we will help to set out items you have left for us. These items could include candles, pictures, guest gifts and place cards, etc.
  • We work closely with the reception captain to ensure timing of the food, speeches, dances, cake cutting, first dance and other festivities. This is really important to ensure flow and transition for you and your guests.
  • We also help to ensure those who have special dietary needs are being served and those who require assistance are being taken care of.
  • Having this constant flow of communication helps to ensure you’re not bothered and can enjoy the party with all your guests.
  • We carry around an extensive bag of tools and supplies from nail polish remover to safety pins, to a hammer and a glue gun. You name it; we probably have it on standby. This just puts your mind at ease that we’re equipped with those little things you may not have thought of.
  • Well it’s funny you should ask, just like no two apples falling from a tree are the same; no two weddings we do are the same. Ask us to quote you. The one thing we will not do is compromise on the quality of service we provide. We work very hard for our couples to eliminate the worry from their day. This day happens once in a lifetime and our goal is to make sure you are making memories to last a lifetime.

Allow us to quote you by sending us an email. We can’t wait to chat. Our first consultation is free, so don’t feel obligated until you’re absolutely sure we’re the ones for you. Click here to contact Sposini Weddings.