Deanna & Michael

They say wedding planning can be stressful... but with the right people on your team, it can be fun and exciting the whole way though. Lisa, without you I would probably still be trying to figure out where to start in planning my wedding. Truthfully, in the beginning, I was hesitant about having a wedding planner because I have a lot of family and friends on my side who were willing to step in. But the way you stepped in and made our wedding day one else could have ever done. There is no way Mike and I could have done this alone. Your attention to detail, professionalism, creativity, kind heart and thoughtfulness from the very beginning to the end is exactly what it took to make our dream a reality.

You were there for me. When I needed a solution, you had it.. when I was doubting and having a stressful day, you were there. When I needed a break from everyone around me, YOU were there. Thanks to you, the wedding was completely seamless, it was a fairy tale. The itinerary, the connections, the creativity ... you had it all throughout the entire process. I think what really stood out to me was that you were always on my side, as the bride, your focus was on me at all times. Not those around me and their needs, but only on me.

The way you respected the catholic church and their demands and the way you would check in just to see how I was doing and if there was any more you could do to help. Your honey-doo list... this was VERY much needed to keep me organized. The way you talked to the vendors for me so I didn’t have to. Thanks to you I really felt like a princess during this process.

My family and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work, your time and effort. You made our day one that people will be talking about for a very long time. I would obviously recommend you HIGHLY to any future brides. Thank you for being part of our day.

Wishing you a very long and fulfilled career as a wedding planner. Its a job clearly made for you!

All the best, Deanna and Mike Fantini

Photo courtesy of Silvana Marshall Photography.

Sandra & Marco

There are never enough words to express our gratitude and love for Lisa and Amanda. After all of the uncertainty, they created a sense of excitement that became foundational throughout the ups and downs. Everything was seamless from leading up to the wedding, to the day of, and beyond. Lisa, thank you for looking after all of the details, making sure everything and everyone was on track, and for being a constant sense of support. Your passion is evident and your organization and warmth is unmatched. Our wedding day was a dream that could not have been possible without you and all of your hard work. Thank you thank you thank you!
Sandra and Marco

Laura & Andre

Words cannot express how thankful we are that we hired Lisa to be our coordinator for our wedding day! Sposini Weddings was referred to us through a few people who could only speak with the utmost regard for Lisa and her work. Being a perfectionist, and knowing that I couldn’t be in 100% in control on my wedding day, I knew that having Lisa be a part of the day would be a decision I wouldn’t regret. Our original wedding was in April of 2020, about 4 weeks before the first closure. Lisa was beyond accommodating and supportive during that difficult time when we had to make the decision to postpone our wedding, not once, but 3 times. As things still remained uncertain with restrictions, we decided to move our wedding date up with only 17 days to replan. Not only was Lisa supportive, she also brought a positive light to the entire process and really made us look at the bigger picture and keep our heads up. Throughout each of the planning processes, she was extremely organized, thorough and detail-oriented. She also recommended amazing vendors and offered her advice on things that we were uncertain about. The day of the wedding went smoothly and Lisa and her team were on top of everything and kept us on schedule. Before we could ask about anything, Lisa had already thought about it before we did. We couldn’t have asked for a better coordinator to help us with all of this. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Lisa for going above and beyond and for everything she did for us! 

With Love
Laura & Andre Guzman